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  • All clan members are required to participate in every or most clan events.
  • Clan members must communicate with the clan. That is the main reason we have a clan in the first place. Failing to communicate with the clan for a period  of time can result with clan removal. Players removed from the clan can try again but must pass a stricter entry exam.
  • All clan members are free to share anything regarding the clan, or regarding situations about the clan.
  • Feel free to share anything. There is no regulation about sharing anything personal. If you wish to speak privately with another clan member or the clan leader, do so in a privately made room or private message
  • Feel free to share ideas to better expand or popularize the clan. Although the clan is perfectly well in the shadows.
  • Once in a while, the clan will hold a clan only tournament. Every member must participate. Failing to do so can result in clan removal.
  • The clan is a democracy. Votes have to be made before a reform is passed. If the result is a draw, the clan leader must make the decision. 
  • If a clan member is irresponsible or uncooperative, tell the clan leader. A private council will be held whether that member is removed from the clan or not. 
  • The leader takes care of all important clan affairs with other clans.

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